Learning the importance of high-quality produce and how to identify it is a skill just as vital as the method for preparing it. With this in mind, our students are provided with exclusive access to some of Australia’s most prestigious farms.

Cattle Farm
Visit a cattle farm and learn about the ideal conditions required to produce world class Angus beef.

Olive Farm
Experience an award-winning olive farm, renowned for its cold press olive oil. Olives are carefully selected by hand and are processed just hours after picking to ensure suburb quality.

Cheese Farm

Visit cheesemakers who are renowned for producing award-winning fresh, soft cheeses made in distinctly Italian and French styles.

Trout and Salmon Farm
Experience the thrill of hooking and catching a rainbow trout or Atlantic salmon from the ponds at Buxton Trout and
Salmon Farm. Learn how to smoke trout over a mountain of ash fire and if you are lucky enough to visit in May, you could even see the hand milking of caviar.

Due to the diversity of climate, soil and aspects, the Yarra Valley is one of the few regions able to produce a wide array of world-class wines.

The Yarra Valley is renowned for producing world-class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with these two varieties representing over 60% of the total production. Cabernet Sauvignon is the backbone of the region and Shiraz creates excitement and interest.

*All farm experience program costs are seperate from the tuition fee.