Practical Classes


Theory Classes

Our trainers come from the hospitality industry and we hire based on real-world experience to ensure our students are transferred knowledge our trainers have accumulated over many years in the industry. Ad Astra has written it’s own course material that reflects our unique approach and aims to deliver real-world knowledge and skills to our students. We have 100 on-site kitchens that have been designed as modern restaurant kitchens. Using Australian-made equipment that is used throughout the hospitality industry our students are exposed to equipment and techniques the same as they would be in reality. Speaking of reality, when not being trained in our kitchens operate as restaurant kitchens for Northstar – which our students have the opportunity to work at.

Course Overview

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

This particular course covers the basic theoretical units and practical components that creates an established base to become a cook. Set out over 25 units, covering everything from hygiene, methods of cookery and recipes capturing all the main food groups with modern and classic techniques to dietary requirements and occupational health and safety.

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

The certificate IV is based on units that are directed towards our students becoming leaders and kitchen managers. This takes you from being a “cook” to a “chef” We have implemented a training program that takes a deeper look into the organisational skill sets of the chef, managing a kitchen brigade and the intricacies of running a kitchen.

Diploma of Hospitality Management

Our training pathway sees you travel through the prior mentioned courses to finish with the diploma of hospitality. As the certificate III concentrates on the skill sets of our chefs, the certificate IV to learn to lead the kitchen team, our diploma rounds out our career pathway. This particular course focusses solely on the knowledge and skills you will need to effectively run a successful business, which one day many of our students will be able to do.