Food Capital

Melbourne saw an influx in migrants during the mid 20th century and with them brought recipes and ideas from all over the world. A hunger for new and exciting recipes together with the best natural ingredients, Melbourne became the Mecca for food-lovers. Melbourne is the perfect city to live in for the budding chef, with a great hospitality scene and more restaurants per capita than anywhere in the world. An hour in any direction will uncover high-quality produce, a little longer will get you close to world-renowned produce coming from interstate.


Restaurants and Cafes

Job Market

The hospitality industry in Australia is growing more than other countries at an unprecedented 14% per annum.
There is currently a shortage of 38,000 chefs in Australia with the gap expected to widen to 123,000 by 2020. The Australian Government has indicated local Australian apprentices 50% drop out of the occupation in favour of other professions, meaning there is an opportunity for foreign-born people to get trained in Australia as a chef and potentially occupy job opportunities in Australia.


Chefs in Australia in 2018

Liveable City

Melbourne is a vibrant city with high employment opportunities, low-crime rates and access to a health-care system amongst the best in the world. Melbournian’s are known to be friendly, laid-back and welcoming, being an already very multicultural city. Aside from an excellent culinary-scene, Melbourne is known for the arts with a world-renowned array of street-art situated in narrow alleyways that hide city secrets such as bars, restaurants, cafes or galleries. Melbourne is the city for those who love to enjoy life.


Happy Melburnians